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Keeping your members' directory information accurate is in your control, and we will take you through the process. Download and review below a sample directory in PDF format to see what your directory could look.

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Instant Church Directory Program Overview

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Add or Edit a Family

We take you through the process to add a family or individual to your directory.

Creating Groups

Add individuals or families to a group then add a directory just for that group! You can create as many group directories as you want.

Pastor Letter

Provide members with a letter from the Pastor. Enter name, title, letter copy, photo and signature for a personal touch.


Enter names, titles and photos of your staff members — with photo captions, if you want. A current staff directory is a must-have for introducing new and existing members to your staff.


Inform members about the many ministry opportunities available at your church. Use the Activities tab to create attractive displays of various church groups and events.

Cover Page

Select any photo and title for the directory cover — or choose your own art or illustration!

Directory PDF Page Options

You can create your directory PDF using any or all of our page options and layouts.

Generate a PDF to Print

Before you can download or share your directory or one of your group directories, you must first generate them. You can choose your page options, upload custom pages and update your print options as well as choose your own secure password for your directory PDF.


Share your directory with your members using our mobile apps or online members' directory website.

Import or Export Directory Data

Import basic information via .CSV to jumpstart creating your directory. Export directory data to create mailing labels or mail merge documents.

Members Submit Their Own Updates

Members can submit suggested updates to their address, photo, email address or phone number right from the online directory for administrator approval.

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