Forum > Member App v2.4 release has begun with Staff updates and scrolling bug fix

App version 2.4 includes clickable Staff email & phone fields

You can now add a title, email and phone to your staff members under Step 3 - Staff.  Any members on App version 2.3 (released several weeks ago) will be able to see these new fields, but they will not yet be clickable until they update to version 2.4. Today we started release of version 2.4 on the Android App Store and the iOS app will shortly follow (we are waiting for the app to be approved by Apple). The release can take up to two weeks to reach everyone. 

Once your members update to Member App Version 2.4, they will then be able to click on the new phone & email fields. Be sure you move your phone and emails to these new fields under Step 3 - Staff first! 

Fixed issue when scrolling thru the list of families

With version 2.4 we fixed a slow scrolling issue on the Family list. Microsoft introduced a bug into the tool we use to build the Member App and it broke our app! Microsoft has not yet told us when they will fix this bug. The bug was triggered by the bold font used to note who are members. Sadly, we had to remove the bold font indicating members on the Family list view to fix the scrolling errors. If you click on a Family, you'll still see the bold names for anyone who is a member. With version 2.4, scrolling will be smooth again and will no longer throw errors! Even if you never saw an error - its been happening behind the scenes.  

Next up - Multiple Editors! Stay tuned.